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October 18th, 2010
11:07 pm


Switching LJs
Hello anyone who's friends with me or made their way here. I've outgrown the PrettyPullips tagline or whatever. My new LJ is http://raviedolls.livejournal.com/ and it is much more me; Ravie!

Any feedback left by or for PrettyPullips is still valid!

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June 13th, 2010
06:36 pm


Free, Ad-free Webspace
Hi all,

I think this information can be useful for you. If you plan to get your website, there is one good free web hosting provider to choose.

They provide hosting absolutely free, there is no catch. You get 1500 MB of disk space and 100 GB bandwidth. They also have cPanel control panel which is amazing and easy to use website builder. Moreover, there is no any kind of advertising on your pages.

I use this for my websites asnd it is actually a really good webhost. I hope you decide to use it. Even if you don't, just by signing up you're making me doll money! I'm only halfway to my dolly goal so please help me out! I only need 20 people to start with, so please help!

My Websites are RavieDolls my pixel art site and Power Rangers Samurai Clash a website dedicated to the fanfiction most of my dolls are based on. I will also soon have a pullip site through them, so yes, it is a really great host!

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March 12th, 2010
04:23 am


Split Papin?
Hopeing to split Papin soon. Is anyone interested? She's available on PullipStyle and I kinda wanna get her before she sells out. 60/40 doll for me, stock for you. This is probably a long shot though.

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September 19th, 2009
05:26 pm


WTB: Clarity or Kirsche
I know it's asking alot but I don't want to pay more than $60 shipped right now unless your interested in a partial trade for a couple of wigs. I'm looking for a Nude/Bald Clarity or Kirsche. I'll take either one right now. I'll also entertain Nude/Bald Lead, Jade and Andrew offers but I'm more lookin for a new girl atm.

I have good FB at Dolly Market under the username Ravie

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April 27th, 2009
03:46 pm


F/T: Papin + Missionary
Details insideCollapse )

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January 28th, 2009
07:09 pm


FS: Craziia and Shade
I'm in the US
People in my house smoke
will ship internationally but I really don't like to :/

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06:50 pm


Fabrics-plus grab bags?
For all those crafty people out there, would it be something of interest. My gramma has fabric, cords and trimming, quilting squares bursting from the seems at her house and she wants to get rid of it. it wouldn't be very expensive, in fact, alot cheaper than going to a fabric store and getting a yard of fabric (idk about other places but it starts at 4.88 at wal-mart)

you could get a fancy fabrics box (velvets, silks, satins) or cotton box.

each box would have two to three 1/4-1/2 yd. peices of fabric
100 quilting squares that are 3 1/2"...these can be used for alot of things
cording/lace/trimming bits.

and-for no extra charge, we can include a handmade doll (some fully clothes, some with porcelain heads, some with animal heads) that she has leftover from the days she made and sold them.

each box would be $15 inlcuding priority shipping-let me if that's too high.

she'd sell just the quilting squares 600+ squares, enough to make a full quilt for $10 inlcuding shipping

I'll take pictures of a sample box soon.

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December 15th, 2008
11:19 pm


Modded Lipoca FS/T
details here : http://www.flickr.com/photos/21828228@N05/3086444316/

I have good feedback at Dolly Market under the username Ravie.

Topping my list is either Rida or two Nahhs (in which I'd shell out about 30 bucks)
or just make an offer and we'll see.

Don't want to have to ship til after the mad holiday rush, though.

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August 14th, 2008
03:50 pm


Commission Info
I'm now Open to Commissions. This page will be my mark of price details and available openings. I'll only take on three at a time.

Currently Open For: 3

Working on:

My Service:

Face-Up: (15$-30$) I remove the make-up with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser where possible. I use only Prismacolor Pencils and Pastels. If I have to redraw eyebrows, the price goes up. Price depends on level of difficulty.

Re-Chipping: (5$ installation + price of chips) I can use whatever chips you want but I prefer Coolcat Pullips chips. I can back them in any color you want for a unique look.

Re-Lashing: (Free + cost of lashes)I'll replace the lashes for free (with oher work). I'm looking for a steady place to get them So for I'm looking at CCJS's.

Re-Wigging/Wig-Styling: (5$-10$ + cost of wig) I can work on your stock wigs, I will straighten and cut and curl, the more work, the higher the price, but never more than ten. I can also rewig and if the new wig is a stock wig, I can work on it. The only styling I'd do to a non-stock wig is trimming and straightening. You have to either provide the wig or the money for the wig.

Rebodying: ($10 + cost of body) I can rebody you're pullips with Obitsus ^^ That includes cutting pegs, opening heads and adding rubber bands where necesarry

*Upfront payment of wig/eyechip/eyelash price and $5 to be subtracted from total price for extraneous materials I may not have on-hand.

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August 4th, 2008
05:43 pm


The Enchanted Mansion - Baton Rouge, LA
Sorry about three posts in one day, but I wanted a place to store this-

I was at a nearby Texico/Baitshop today and there's a small lobby separating the two stores and I just happened to pick up a brochure because it said 'The Enchanted Mansion' I thought it was about one of Lousiana's numerous 'haunted' plantation houses, but when I looked at it, it's a DOLL MUSEUM.


I'm going to talk to my Aunt about going there this fall. (If you're reading this and live in Luziana you know it's too frickken HOT to drive five-six hours at this time of year)

Anyway, since there aren't alot of Pullip people in La, it wouldn't be worth it to use their meeting room for a full on meet. That would be awesome, but -I- couldn't afford it and there would never be enough people to chip in on it. But I thought maybe if anyone was interested, we could coordinate to meet up there sometimes this fall!

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